Try Maxwell’s Clothiers On For Size

Do you like old-world craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and clothes that just fit?! Then you’ll love Maxwell’s! Oh, and did i mention all this at an extremely reasonable price?!

The box the Maxwell's Clothiers shirts ships in.
The box the Maxwell’s Clothiers shirts shipped in.

Basically, i knew Maxwell’s are only ever in town for one week, twice a year so i got the specific dates via the Maxwell’s Clothiers Ltd. website and found out the next time they were in town. I then made sure to make my way over to the lower level of the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel (one of their three locations while in TO, i believe the others are in the Toronto Airport and the Sheraton Parkway Hotel in Markham). As you make your way down the escalator you start to hear a mad buzz of activity then as you turn to enter the room you see the tons of people all riffling through hundreds of available fabric swatches, scribbling down their choices and rushing over to get measured. I must preface this post by only concentrating on their dress shirts for that’s all i have purchased, they also do custom suits, ties as well as a full line of woman’s apparel.

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Whodunit? Micah Lexier Did It

micah-lexier-whodunitWhat?! Micah who?!

I don’t get it?

Let me explain…

Each year roughly November 18 – 21 The Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCADU) holds its signature fundraising event the Whodunit? Mystery Art Sale – an exhibition and sale of hundreds of pieces of original art donated by artists who are famous and not-yet-famous, including well-known and celebrity artists, OCADU faculty, alumni and students.

So, at Whodunit? ’07 i came across two pieces (each 5×7) i thought were pretty cool and decided to buy them and to my surprise, wait for it… were created by contemporary Canadian artist and curator Micah Lexier!! Both handwritten in pencil one states: “Mitch Robertson made this.” and the other: “Kelly Mark made this.” who btw are also established artists in their own right! Effing genius!!

Stella’s Graduation

The good, the bad and the ugly Cool. Upon reaching the 3-month mark, our girl went from being Stella the newborn to Stella the infant – her first graduation and I’m as proud a dad as can be!

Not-so-objectively speaking, I think I can say that she’s earned her stripes. Here’s a little update on what she’s been up to since my last post at 6 weeks and as always, feel free to click on any of the images for a larger view:

  • smiling, laughing and squealing with delight. Beyond coos and gurgles, she sometimes makes sounds resembling a squawking bird when she’s excited. And maybe it’s just by accident, but we’ve caught the occasional wink!
  • still loving faces, especially her own. She smiles at “the baby” in the mirror.
  • eye contact – she loves people, sees everything and spends hours taking in the colours, lights and movements in a room.
  • she’s found her hands. They (and anything she gets her hands on) inevitably end up in her mouth. Not her feet or toes, but she reaches down and grabs them too!
  • she’s fascinated with eating and loves to watch her mum and dad bring food from fork to mouth at mealtimes.

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Stella’s Full Moon

Stella doing her Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde ImpersonationWhy “Full Moon”?  In Chinese tradition, it is customary to celebrate baby’s health (and mum’s recovery) after her first month of life, or full moon. So, in the spirit of Stella’s first full moon, some photos for everyone who has helped us welcome her with gifts, blessings and good cheer.

Here’s Stella roughly at her one month mark showing us what one can expect during this stage of rapid change: nice and calm one minute, bit restless the next then outright scream-fest for the remainder until she’s burped, fed or changed.   That about sums up the first four weeks!

Highlights of Stella’s first month:

  • After a slight drop in weight (to 9lbs) she’s back up to her birth weight of 10.5 lbs and measures 61 cm
  • She loves faces – get in close and she’ll examine yours
  • Her doctor describes her as “very mature” and “focused”
  • Showing early social skills and smiles at sounds of her mum’s and dad’s voices!

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“Hello World”- Introducing Little Stella Ma Smith!

NAME: Stella Ma Smith
GENDER: Female
DATE OF BIRTH: August 16, 2009 at 00:41 hrs
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 57 cm, 10 lbs 5 oz
EYE COLOR(the most amazing) Gray-blue

Well that was something else:  after 13 hrs in labor my wife Leslie gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Stella Ma Smith!! We can’t get enough of her. Check out pics from “the first days” and see for yourself.

Little Stella just born laying on the heated change-table in the delivery room.
Little Stella literally just born laying on the heated change-table

Little Stella and mummy sleeping shortly after delivery.
Stella and mum sleeping shortly after delivery

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My Lovely Wife Leslie at Nine Months

So here we are at nine months and counting… Little Stella’s going to be here so soon!! We can’t wait!

My beautiful wife Leslie at nine months pregnant with our first Stella.
My beautiful wife Leslie at nine months pregnant with our first Stella.

Still, however, trying frantically to get the place in order to accommodate. I’m sure though it’ll all fall into place; life has a funny way of doing that at times.

We’ll know what to do, right?!

Stella in Space: Pictures from the Ultrasound

My wife Leslie and i just had our second trimester ultrasound Tuesday March 17, 2009 and here are the pics to prove it! Until you see this for yourself you don’t really feel that your expecting. This just completely solidifies it! What an awesome experience.

Little Stella's First Profile

Little Stella's Second Profile

Little Stella's Bum a.k.a. Gender Indicator

Little Stella's Spine and Back of Her Head

There you have it, our little one in the making!

Stella in Space: Pictures from the Ultrasound II

My wife Leslie and i had our second ultrasound on Tuesday, June 23. Here are the pics to illustrate our experience.

Our little Stella is getting very big now into the third trimester / eighth month of pregnancy  so getting an overall body length pic was out of the question, instead the RN had to narrow it down to specific areas i.e., Stella’s head and feet. Check it out! Six weeks to go!!!

Stella's profile in the eighth month

Stella's foot - getting comfortable

The next image is a little joke played by the RN; look closely Stella’s trying to tell us something! Hehe.

Stella's profile only this time with caption by the nurse