Whodunit? Micah Lexier Did It

micah-lexier-whodunitWhat?! Micah who?!

I don’t get it?

Let me explain…

Each year roughly November 18 – 21 The Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCADU) holds its signature fundraising event the Whodunit? Mystery Art Sale – an exhibition and sale of hundreds of pieces of original art donated by artists who are famous and not-yet-famous, including well-known and celebrity artists, OCADU faculty, alumni and students.

So, at Whodunit? ’07 i came across two pieces (each 5×7) i thought were pretty cool and decided to buy them and to my surprise, wait for it… were created by contemporary Canadian artist and curator Micah Lexier!! Both handwritten in pencil one states: “Mitch Robertson made this.” and the other: “Kelly Mark made this.” who btw are also established artists in their own right! Effing genius!!