Stella’s Graduation

The good, the bad and the ugly Cool. Upon reaching the 3-month mark, our girl went from being Stella the newborn to Stella the infant – her first graduation and I’m as proud a dad as can be!

Not-so-objectively speaking, I think I can say that she’s earned her stripes. Here’s a little update on what she’s been up to since my last post at 6 weeks and as always, feel free to click on any of the images for a larger view:

  • smiling, laughing and squealing with delight. Beyond coos and gurgles, she sometimes makes sounds resembling a squawking bird when she’s excited. And maybe it’s just by accident, but we’ve caught the occasional wink!
  • still loving faces, especially her own. She smiles at “the baby” in the mirror.
  • eye contact – she loves people, sees everything and spends hours taking in the colours, lights and movements in a room.
  • she’s found her hands. They (and anything she gets her hands on) inevitably end up in her mouth. Not her feet or toes, but she reaches down and grabs them too!
  • she’s fascinated with eating and loves to watch her mum and dad bring food from fork to mouth at mealtimes.

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