Stella’s Graduation

The good, the bad and the ugly Cool. Upon reaching the 3-month mark, our girl went from being Stella the newborn to Stella the infant – her first graduation and I’m as proud a dad as can be!

Not-so-objectively speaking, I think I can say that she’s earned her stripes. Here’s a little update on what she’s been up to since my last post at 6 weeks and as always, feel free to click on any of the images for a larger view:

  • smiling, laughing and squealing with delight. Beyond coos and gurgles, she sometimes makes sounds resembling a squawking bird when she’s excited. And maybe it’s just by accident, but we’ve caught the occasional wink!
  • still loving faces, especially her own. She smiles at “the baby” in the mirror.
  • eye contact – she loves people, sees everything and spends hours taking in the colours, lights and movements in a room.
  • she’s found her hands. They (and anything she gets her hands on) inevitably end up in her mouth. Not her feet or toes, but she reaches down and grabs them too!
  • she’s fascinated with eating and loves to watch her mum and dad bring food from fork to mouth at mealtimes.

  • rolling over – onto both sides from her back. She’s gone right over onto her tummy but seemed to freak herself out.
  • chumming around with her mates. In early October, she trekked to Mount Sinai Hospital to greet her newborn cousin Jude; she’s “hosted” pals at home (sort of!) and meets new babies every time she goes to “Circle and Songs” or “Story Time”. Especially fun is seeing her hanging out with Inara and Violet – her friends from Day One at the hospital (all born within 24 hours of each other).

Stella gazing from her mum's lap
Stella gazing from her mum’s lap

Stella's found her hands
Stella’s found her hands

Stella with her friend Emma
Stella with her friend Emma

Another with her friend Emma
Another with her friend Emma

Stella in her mum's arms Stella in her mum's arms

Stella with her cousin Jude Stella sucking on her mum's thumb

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  1. she is really adorable! I can see a little bit of Rus in her face, but she definitely looks like you el mammy. I’m sure she’ll go through her stages when sometimes she’ll look more like one parent over the other. Glad things are well for you, Rus and Stella.

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