Try Maxwell’s Clothiers On For Size

Do you like old-world craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and clothes that just fit?! Then you’ll love Maxwell’s! Oh, and did i mention all this at an extremely reasonable price?!

The box the Maxwell's Clothiers shirts ships in.
The box the Maxwell’s Clothiers shirts shipped in.

Basically, i knew Maxwell’s are only ever in town for one week, twice a year so i got the specific dates via theĀ Maxwell’s Clothiers Ltd. website and found out the next time they were in town. I then made sure to make my way over to the lower level of the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel (one of their three locations while in TO, i believe the others are in the Toronto Airport and the Sheraton Parkway Hotel in Markham). As you make your way down the escalator you start to hear a mad buzz of activity then as you turn to enter the room you see the tons of people all riffling through hundreds of available fabric swatches, scribbling down their choices and rushing over to get measured. I must preface this post by only concentrating on their dress shirts for that’s all i have purchased, they also do custom suits, ties as well as a full line of woman’s apparel.

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