Stella’s Full Moon

Stella doing her Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde ImpersonationWhy “Full Moon”?  In Chinese tradition, it is customary to celebrate baby’s health (and mum’s recovery) after her first month of life, or full moon. So, in the spirit of Stella’s first full moon, some photos for everyone who has helped us welcome her with gifts, blessings and good cheer.

Here’s Stella roughly at her one month mark showing us what one can expect during this stage of rapid change: nice and calm one minute, bit restless the next then outright scream-fest for the remainder until she’s burped, fed or changed.   That about sums up the first four weeks!

Highlights of Stella’s first month:

  • After a slight drop in weight (to 9lbs) she’s back up to her birth weight of 10.5 lbs and measures 61 cm
  • She loves faces – get in close and she’ll examine yours
  • Her doctor describes her as “very mature” and “focused”
  • Showing early social skills and smiles at sounds of her mum’s and dad’s voices!

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