“Hello World”- Introducing Little Stella Ma Smith!

NAME: Stella Ma Smith
GENDER: Female
DATE OF BIRTH: August 16, 2009 at 00:41 hrs
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 57 cm, 10 lbs 5 oz
EYE COLOR(the most amazing) Gray-blue

Well that was something else:  after 13 hrs in labor my wife Leslie gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Stella Ma Smith!! We can’t get enough of her. Check out pics from “the first days” and see for yourself.

Little Stella just born laying on the heated change-table in the delivery room.
Little Stella literally just born laying on the heated change-table

Little Stella and mummy sleeping shortly after delivery.
Stella and mum sleeping shortly after delivery

Little Stella with her proud mummy and daddy.
Stella with her mum and dad in the delivery room

Little Stella all close up and personal.
Stella – up close and personal

Little Stella swaddled up.
Little Stella swaddled up

Little Stella doing a bit of breakdancing.
Active little Stella

Before i end this post i must give a great big shout-out to the Medical Staff and RNs over at St. Michael’s Hospital – Labour and Delivery unit. You are all absolute angels!!! Thanks again for your outstanding care and attention.  We are so indebted to everyone who went the extra mile in bringing our little one home.

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  1. She is gorgeous! Not that I am surprised. Love to you all, we will be in touch soon.

    Christine, Donald and Finn

  2. Welcome Stella! She is gorgeous!! Congrats Leslie and Russell! Can’t wait to meet her in person. Hugs and best wishes to the whole family!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Stella is absolutely GORGEOUS. Leslie, you are a champion. I hope you guys are enjoying this incredible time, please let us know when we can come visit & meet Stella. We are so happy for the three of you.
    Lots of love,
    xoxoxo Andrew, Hassel & Eva

  4. She’s adorable and already with some personality in the pics. Baby Stella will certainly keep you guys on your toes! Congratulations again to you both. Talk soon.


  5. What a little peanut! I can’t wait to see her. She’s so adorable, and so looks like a fun little dude.

    See you soon,


  6. She’s a cute “little” one. Congratulations guys!!! – Roger


  7. Leslie + Russell + Princess Stella = love!

    Thank you for sharing these great pictures!

    Let this beautiful journey begins~ =)


  8. Jay and I are so thrilled and excited for you guys! She is absolutely darling and so beautiful. We can’t wait to meet her!! Many, many congratulations and thanks for the photos. Much love, Sarah & Jay

  9. ohhhh!! What a sweetie!! She is adorable and so alert, amazing, what a champ…Good work, Les, you deserve a rest!! Sending you all lots of love…:)

  10. Good job you two!! Stella is beautiful! And lively…I suspect you might be in for some trouble later on…
    Enjoy every moment.

  11. What a knock-out! I think Papa Smith’s gonna be polishing his weapons often 😉

    Congratulations! and Chin-Chin! apparently that’s universal for “Cheers”. Things you learn abroad 🙂

    Much love, Gubes & Misha

  12. Congratulations on your little lovely. She’s beautiful. Hope you’re all doing well, and look forward to meeting Stella when you’re settled.

  13. Congrats! Stella is a cutie! Can’t wait to meet her! You deserve some rest Leslie! Way to go!
    Lisa, Randy, Carlee and Watson

  14. She is soooo beautiful! Leslie she looks just like you! Congratulations and thanks for sharing the adorable photos. So cute!!!

    Hope you are able to get some rest. Enjoy every minute with little Stella.

  15. Stella is adorable! She really does look a lot like her mama. I love the “active” shots – she’s totally raring to go. Hopefully she allows you some rest here and there. Can’t wait to see her in person.

  16. OMG… Stella is absolutely, absolutely adorable!! Leslie, all I can say is “good work, girl” on a stellar delivery. Congratulations to both you and Russell.


  17. My goodness, thats the little bump I kept rubbing? She is beautiful guys, congratulations to both of you. I wish her much happiness, good health and to be a joy to both of you always.

  18. She is a Leo – she will be entertaining everyone – Leo’s like to be in the spotlight – Fire signs.
    Keep sending the photos – they make me smile.

  19. Congratulations you guys!!! Stella is such a cutie … no surprise there. I hope you’re enjoying life as a threesome and managing to get some sleep. See you in the ‘hood sometime soon!


  20. Congratulations to both of you….She is sooo cute!!Hopefully you guys are managing to get some sleep !!!Congratulations to all of you and wishing you much happiness and good health!!!

  21. WOW!!! Congrats Russell. She’s super cute.
    I hope all is well with Leslie and that the three of you are doing great!

    All the best!
    Adam Powell

  22. Hey R-Rug…congrats to you and your beautiful wife. Great job. she is so perfect, your goning to make some crazy great pops.
    All the best!
    Pam Issler (Osmond)

  23. Congrads Russ & Leslie! I cant wait to visit her in person. Really excited for you guys! Hope to see you around Christmas!

    Take care,

  24. This is very long overdue…could you please give Leslie my email so we can be in touch…Your daughter is a delight….As I said to Leslie there are no words in my vocabulary that describe how wonderful it is being a mother..Congratulations to you both…Deborah Eaton-Kent

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