Stella in Space: Pictures from the Ultrasound

My wife Leslie and i just had our second trimester ultrasound Tuesday March 17, 2009 and here are the pics to prove it! Until you see this for yourself you don’t really feel that your expecting. This just completely solidifies it! What an awesome experience.

Little Stella's First Profile

Little Stella's Second Profile

Little Stella's Bum a.k.a. Gender Indicator

Little Stella's Spine and Back of Her Head

There you have it, our little one in the making!

Stella in Space: Pictures from the Ultrasound II

My wife Leslie and i had our second ultrasound on Tuesday, June 23. Here are the pics to illustrate our experience.

Our little Stella is getting very big now into the third trimester / eighth month of pregnancy¬† so getting an overall body length pic was out of the question, instead the RN had to narrow it down to specific areas i.e., Stella’s head and feet. Check it out! Six weeks to go!!!

Stella's profile in the eighth month

Stella's foot - getting comfortable

The next image is a little joke played by the RN; look closely Stella’s trying to tell us something! Hehe.

Stella's profile only this time with caption by the nurse