UBC Web Analytics: “Introduction to Web Analytics”

This is part one of a four-part series on my experience enrolled in the UBC Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics Program. As i make my way through i will document my evaluations on a course by course basis.


UBC’s 100% online courses use the Moodle Course Management System for their delivery, therefore, all course content must be read by the student in order to fully grasp the material. There are also no more than 25 people per course and one online tutor.

Introduction to Web Analytics as its name implies is the first of four courses in the program. It is also the prerequisite for all the other courses. The reading is a lot, but necessary i think to successfully deliver a broad enough introduction to the field. A good majority of the reading material is actual case studies making it highly relatable for the student/practitioner. It can be a bit dry at times, but i guess that is to be expected given the analytic nature of the content.  But, if you’re passionate about the web and curious about the study, then you’ll find it super interesting and continue to plough ahead.

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